Journal Articles & Book Chapters

In English

Monson, Jamie, Xiaoyang Tang, and Shaonan Liu. “Working History: China, Africa, and Globalization.” In Global Africa: Into the Twenty-First Century, eds. Dorothy Hodgson and Judith Byfield, 141-52. Oakland, California: University of California Press, 2017

In Chinese

Liu, Shaonan. “Ghanaians’ Perceptions of China and Chinese Migrants.” In Annual Review of African Studies in China (2013). Beijing: Social Science Academic Press, 2014

Liu, Shaonan. “Political History of South African Soccer.” Phoenix Weekly, 2014

Liu, Shaonan. “A Military Regime and Modernization—Rawlings’ Military Regime in Ghana (1982-1992): Policies and Practices.” In The Process of World Modernization: African Volume, ed. Anshan Li, 601-59. Nanjing: Jiangsu People’s Publishing, 2013

Book Translation (from English into Chinese)

Opoku, Darko Kwabena. The Politics of Government-Business Relations in Ghana, 1982-2008. Trans. Shaonan Liu. Democracy and Construction Press: Beijing, 2014

Conference Presentations

2017    Symbol of Wealth and Prestige: A Social History of Chinese-Made Enamelware in Northern Nigeria. 60th Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association, Chicago, IL

2017    From China to Nigeria: Migration of Chinese Industrialists and Nigerian Industrialization in the 1960s. Harvard University Graduate Conference on International and Global History, Cambridge, MA

2017    Industrialization and Chinese Industrialists in Post-independence Nigeria. Indiana University 7th Annual Symposium for Graduate Students in African Studies, Bloomington, IN

2015    Roundtable: Global Africa I. 58th Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association, San Diego, CA

2014    From Bui Dam to Illegal Mining: Ghanaians’ Perceptions of China and Chinese Migrants. 57th Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association, Indianapolis, IN

2013    Ghanaians’ Perceptions of Chinese Migrants. 7th Annual Africanist Graduate Student Research Conference, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI